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      Fertility Evaluation

      Fertility Testing Elgin and Algonquin IL

      Infertility Evaluation and Treatment

      Infertility tests are performed on the patient or couple to determine the source of infertility. Tests may also detect any conditions or abnormalities that may inhibit one or both partners' ability to conceive a child or lead to birth defects or congenital disorders.

      The best candidates for infertility evaluation are:

      • Couples who are in their mid-30s
      • Couples who have not used birth control for six months
      • Those who have been trying to conceive for at least a year
      • Those with physical problems such as erectile dysfunction

      Full Confidentiality

      Infertility issues can be very sensitive, and therefore confidentiality is provided to patients who choose to undergo an infertility evaluation.

      Both partners need to be tested to determine an accurate, complete evaluation of any potential fertility problems. Male infertility is a factor in about 45% of all infertility cases and requires a thorough investigation. Thanks to advances in fertility treatment methods, approximately 60% of couples treated for infertility can conceive.

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