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      Colposcopy Test in Algonquin & Elgin IL

      Colposcopy Elgin and Algonquin IL

      What is Colposcopy?

      The colposcopy procedure is used to magnify certain areas of the body and diagnose abnormalities.

      Vulvar Colposcopy

      A vulvar colposcopy examines lesions on the vulva and is often used to identify cancer or human papillomavirus (HPV). The colposcopy is usually performed as a follow-up to an abnormal pap smear.

      The procedure involves the insertion of a speculum and, with a colposcope, magnification of the area to 10 to 40 times its normal size. If any abnormal cells are noticed, a biopsy of the tissue may be done.

      A colposcopy is a very safe procedure with few complications.

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